At Home

DIANE LINDQUIST, Multidisciplinary Designer and Artist

Photo Projections

Location: Hall of Records (between Hill Street and North Broadway)

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Home is an extension of how we define ourselves. Within this large-scale digital art installation, you will experience the many ways Angelenos define what home is today. Let these words become the many reasons why we champion fair housing and livelihood for all. Let us find commonality and compassion from our perspectives of the home—from the good to the unstable. What does home mean to you?


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Exhibition Reflection

at Home explores the definition of home from constituents in Los Angeles and its surrounding neighborhoods. By collecting words and the stories behind them, Lindquist’s intention is to unify citizens through sharing their diverse perspectives.

At Home is an expansion to Lindquist's Pushing Forward initiative project.


Words selected will be projected onto the Hall of Records building. New sets will be presented weekly for the month of July. The stories behind selected words will be featured here and showcased on Grand Parks social outlets.

at Home/en Casa by Diane Lindquist

What is home to you?